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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically"

                                                            -Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr.

Our Story

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What started as just an idea in 2014 amongst a small group of friends has now become a city and statewide non-profit organization with upwards of 50 members and growing throughout the state of West Virginia.

Founded on simple principles, The Do-Gooders mission is to improve the extremely torn city of Huntington, WV. With our city leading the nation in drug overdoses as well as health and mental disorders, our opportunity to be of help to others remains in high demand. Our motto, while old-fashioned, is this-"Do not let "evil," so to speak, conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good works." With just that, one step at a time, we've witnessed tremendous progress in Huntington. Even to the degree of receiving the title for "The Greatest Community in America", an honorable award in which a 3 million dollar grant was awarded to the city! While there's still much to accomplish in becoming the city our residents know we have the potential of being, we must give credit to the works and efforts that have been accomplished to get us from the point we were to the point we're at today.

We're a needs-based group who steps up to the task without being asked to. From volunteering with feeding the homeless and less fortunate, to volunteering for the disaster relief from the "Great WV Flood" in 2016. We're known to shovel walks and push cars out of ditches in winter and pick up trash in the summer. We aren't afraid to get dirty to get the job cleaned up! In order to make our community a more desirable place, we must provide opportunities for the youth to remain within the great mountains that raised them. Without those opportunities afforded to them, Wild and Wonderful is more like Bland and Dreadful. With most youth leaving the state right out of college to find a job in their field, we miss out on the young, skilled, talent that sets us apart from all the other states. As a result, it leaves those with little or no education to fall subject to poverty-stricken situations with no opportunity to grow themselves. We as people find worth in contributing our due diligence to a functioning society. We also as people like to have fun. The Do-Gooders have hosted creative events like fashion shows where we teamed up with the local Goodwill's in the area who generously agreed to donate all the clothing and accessories we needed to coordinate, piece together, and put on a great show.  

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