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The Story Behind

The City Church Kids

The Sunday School kids at City Church of Charleston SC challenged themselves to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES this year. Partnering with the Do-Gooder Organization, they have set out to complete a mission each month helping people all over the country. The City Kids Do-Gooders are making a difference!



This picture was the first day The City Church of Charleston Kids made their commitment to the Do-Gooders and the mission of doing good in their everyday lives. In just a few months not only have they done that, they've done more outreach than most kids do in their whole childhood- with no plan at stopping!


Favor Foundation

The very first mission of the City Kids Do-Gooders was a Valentine Day Card and gift certificate drive for the women of the Favor Foundation. The items were presented to Shontia Gilliard. She founded the organization to help battle homelessness in Charleston SC. 


Low Country Orphan Relief


North Charleston Animal Shelter Donations


Tupelo Children's Mansion

The 4th mission was a toothpaste drive for the Tupelo Children's Mansion in Tupelo Mississippi. In the end, 20 pounds of toothpaste was donated. The items were presented to Pastor John Pharis because he recommended that City Kids should turn their sights to assisting Tupelo Childrens.


Charlotte, N.C Ronald McDonald House

The 3rd mission was a pop tart drive for the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, NC. Over 70 boxes were presented virtually to Ms. Alexis Hancock of Charlotte. During her teenage years, she had the experience of staying at a Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore, while being treated for Crohn's Disease. The pop tarts were driven to her and she hand delivered them.

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