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For the last 2 years, The-Do Gooder's have held a Christmas Drive for the Men, Women, and Children of the Huntington City Mission. This year, we are having a Sock and Stocking drive. There's upwards of 90 children that will spend Christmas at the Mission (approx. 3 times last year). The ages range from 1-16 years old, so keep that in mind when filling your stockings. For the adults, we're collecting warm, thermal winter socks to pass out to those who face the rough elements to make it out every Saturday morning at Trinity Episcopal Church (parking lot in between 5th and 6th avenue. Any additional articles of clothing (new or lightly worn coats,gloves,scarves,etc are welcomed as well!Lets make this year as successful as the last! 

Socks and Stocks Success!

Socks and Stocks 1
Socks and Stocks 3

Thanks to the generosity of those in the community and throughout the state, Do- Gooders were able to collect a substantial amount of donations to take to the Huntington City Mission. While we didn't reach our goal of 90, it was great to see when we dropped off the donations, that an entire hallway had been filled with toys and donations! We were able to take the socks collected down to The Harmony House in Huntington. Upon arrival, it was great to see two women handing out coats out of the back of their trunk to those walking in, out, and around the Harmony House doors. Despite the frigid temperatures that day, the warmth felt at that moment acted as a mask to cover the cold wind gusts. We are eternally grateful to those who take the time and resources out of their own to provide to those who are less fortunate. We thank you again and look forward to the upcoming events in the future! Happy New Years to everyone and God Bless the bright future for our city in 2018!

Easter Bash

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